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The Wellness Centre works for nourishment of positive mental health in the campus. The team provides counseling and psychotherapy to the students. They also provide training and coordinate among different stakeholders when the situation demands. 

There are two visiting psychiatrists in the Institute hospital. Students can consult them through hospital appointment.

Student Counseling 

A few typical concerns are –

∙Academic stress

-Adjustment to a new environment

∙Dealing with procrastination

∙Decision making regarding career and life

∙Dealing with anxiety, and depression

∙Conflicts in different relationships (friends, romantic partner, family, professional relationships, etc)

∙Lack of motivation


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The Wellness Officers coordinate among different wellness bodies for wellness activities. When they coordinate for a student's specific need, the student's consent is obtained for the same. 


The Wellness Centre organizes different workshops and training sessions from time to time on different need-based themes.

The Wellness Centre collaborates with SAATHI and MITR in organizing different wellbeing programs such as the Wellness Marathon and Barefoot Training.

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Contact us

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Helpline: 04422578521

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Helpline: 04448136222

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