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Introduction to MITR


Dean of Students(DOST)


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MITR is body of faculties and student MITRs. They offer peer counseling and support according to the student's needs. The moto of MITR is ‘No one in the campus should be unattended in their emotional distress’


All MITRs are trained in basic counseling skills and empathy. They are available in almost all the departments and hostels. Regardless of the department or hostel, any students can contact any MITR.


MITR provides peer counseling to the students in distress and collaborate among different agencies in IITM community. MITR organizes Barefoot counseling training for the new MITRs in collaboration with the Wellness Centre. They also conduct different surveys and events for the students based on specific needs.

Meet the MITR

MITR is guided by advisor and co advisors. At present, Prof Neelesh J Vasa (mitr(AT) is advisor and Prof. Ramesh Gardas (coadvisor(AT)

Almost every department has a faculty MITR. Students can contact their faculty MITR for any distress they are going through.

The student MITR are available in every hostel and most of the departments. They undergo Barefoot Counseling training and work in coordination with the Wellness Centre.  


MITR Students are recruited every year by the preceding year's MITR, through interviews. To know more about the recruitment process, please click here

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Contact us

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Helpline: 04422578521

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Helpline: 04448136222

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