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External Counseling Agency

IIT Madras has collaborated with YourDOST for student benefits. Students can opt for both online and face to face counseling with them.


   Chat Online (24x7):                                               Tele Counseling (24x7)                                                 Book Your Session


YourDOST Face to Face Sessions: Counseling Room, Library, 2nd Floor.

                                                                Tue 10am-1pm , Thursday 5 pm to 8 pm  and  Fri 7-30 pm to 10-30 pm.
                                                                All session details will be kept completely CONFIDENTIAL

Due to present pandemic situation, face to face sessions are taken online. Please  book your video sessions 

by clicking 'Book your session'. 

Contact us

Stadium Concrete Seats

Helpline: 04422578521

Pink Liquid


Helpline: 04448136222

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