The Wellness Centre organizes multiple skill development programs every session. Support groups, sensitization programs, career guidance, mental health surveys are conducted among students and faculties. The Wellness Centre also organizes talks and events on specific needs in collaboration with MITR and SAATHI.  


The Wellness Centre organizes peer support group meetings. Groups of student get together and share their experiences associated with  self improvement condition or personal circumstance, such that they learn, and gain useful insights, from each other and realize that they are after all not alone in their journeys. 

For each group, the participants (as well as facilitators) would require to duly sign a Consent Form for confidentiality and mutual respect.


Download the Consent Form here.

Click here, to access the Support Group Application Form. 

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Wellness Orientation 

The Wellness Centre organizes  an orientation program for the freshers about the existing mental health facilities in campus. However, any student can go through this program at any time of the year to educate themselves with mental health facilities in campus. 

To go through the program, please click here

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Barefoot Training & Sensitization Programs

The Wellness Centre organizes Barefoot Counseling training for the faculty and student MITR. External experts are also invited as trainers for the sessions. The student MITR who successfully completes the training, is awarded with a certificate and memento.  The Wellness Centre also organizes multiple sensitization and skill development programs for SAATHI, and faculty members to create mental health awareness. 

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MaargDarshak is a career guidance program. Students often find it difficult to select a career path most suitable for them after graduating. Through MaargDarshak, Wellness Centre connects the students based on their interests and aspirations, to a suitable alumnus for interactions. Through this opportunity, the students are able to evaluate their career options.

To know more about this program and get connected to an alumnus, please contact us.

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