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SAATHI is a proactive platform for self-growth and well-being of the students.  The SAATHI team focuses on proactive measures that raise awareness in the campus about various pertinent issues, and plan several informal gatherings, lectures, and sessions, open to all.

SAATHI organizes four self development programs every year. Based on the specific needs, SAATHI organizes multiple events from time to time.


Student Mentorship Cell

This program is aimed at providing mentoring support to the newly on boarded freshers thereby making their transition from school to college life smooth. The cell has 150+ mentors year on year with 10+ Department wise heads to guide the freshman.

Acad Buddy

This program helps out freshmen who might be struggling to cope with their academic subjects. The buddies who are from second year and above are paid to give tutoring classes to the students. Depending on the feedback received from the freshers, Star Tutor award is given out every year.

Hobby Buddy

The Hobby Buddy program intends to serve as a platform connecting with people having similar hobbies and making friendships, breaking the barriers of language, region, branch, program, etc.. Also, given the circumstances, this program came at a very essential time (during the lockdown) where meeting new people and making friends is almost impossible.

Immersion Program

SAATHI IIT Madras organize Immersion Program every year for the freshman.  The immersion Program works to give you a sneak peek of the institute's vivid clubs and student bodies. It can be every newcomer's perfect beginning spot to acquaint themselves with some new faces and make lifelong friends in the journey ahead.

Recent Events

Each year, SAATHI organizes multiple mental health related events for student benefit. Distinguished speakers and trainers are invited for talks and skill development workshops. 

Meet the SAATHI

The SAATHI team is guided by a faculty advisor. At present Prof Sunetra Sarkar (sunetra(AT) is the faculty advisor for SAATHI team.

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Contact us

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Helpline: 04422578521

Helpline: 04448136222

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