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IIT Madras



The Wellness Community Centre, IIT Madras vouches for the holistic wellbeing of the student community. Proactive, retroactive, professional, and career guidance facilities are available on the campus in different forms to ensure student empowerment.

Past Events

  • A series of Talks on Faculty Sensitization 

  • A series of talks based on Mental Health Survey. phase II



SAATHI is a proactive platform for self-growth and well-being of the students.  The SAATHI team focuses on proactive measures that raise awareness in the campus about various pertinent issues and plan several informal gatherings, lectures, and sessions, open to all.


MITR is the retroactive body of students and faculty. The moto of MITR is ‘No one in the campus should be unattended in their emotional distress’.  MITR members offer emotional and other forms of support to students according to their needs. MITR facilitates the students in three different ways:


Wellness Centre, IITM, is the body of licensed mental health professionals. Students can walk in to discuss their concerns with the professionals. 


All session information is kept CONFIDENTIAL, unless it holds a threat to the student, or others, or to the society.


'Thank You Wellness Centre,

My brother went through a very delicate phase under academic stress. But because the institute has such aware and prompt facility for students he could get help in time, and was able to recover.I am really grateful for all the help done by the Wellness Centre.                                                                                                                                                     - Anonymous


'Thanks, I will be forever indebted to your help during the most difficult time of my life in campus.'        - Anonymous

Contact Us

 04422578521 (Wellness Centre 9-5PM), 04448136222 (YourDOST 24/7), 04422579999 (Security, 24/7), 04422578888 (Hospital, 24/7) 

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